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Hello readers!

I got incredibly good news on Monday, I was accepted into's affliate program!
(Recruitment has now ended, unfortunately.)

CutenCuterFactory is a website that sell Korean cosmetics from brands like Innisfree, 3 Concept Eyes and Laneige, to name a few. They are based in Seoul, South Korea and they offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! How awesome is that?! I live in Ireland and this is great because shipping to Ireland can be very expensive, especially if it is coming from the other side of the world!

For every purchase you make, you get free gifts! Here is what is currently advertised on their website:

Make sure you sign up to their newsletter (can be found at the bottom of their website) so you will be notified of special offers and new products! Like them on their Facebook page too!

Many thanks to my good friend/sistar/seastar, Esjae for referring me to this site! Go check out her awesome blog!

Thank you so much for reading my first official post!

Until next time!

Take care,


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